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IUCN: Mitigating biodiversity impacts associated with solar and wind energy development

Renewable energy is key for the transition to a low-carbon future, but even clean energy sources can have significant unintended impacts on the environment if not managed and mitigated appropriately.

eDNA and biodiversity risk

Environmental DNA (eDNA) as a tool for biodiversity surveys is a relatively new, but rapidly developing field. In this briefing note we look at the current state of eDNA approaches.

A framework to guide biodiversity indicator development for business performance management

A peer-reviewed paper proposing a framework to support the development of biodiversity indicators for a range of business contexts, offering a pathway for businesses to assess their biodiversity performance.

How to make biodiversity surveys relevant to your project

"Measure twice, cut once". Getting biodiversity biodiversity surveys right the first time is the equivalent to this proverb. Good survey design ensures data are relevant, creates opportunities for avoidance and minimisation, and...

Forecasting the path towards a Net Positive Impact on biodiversity for Rio Tinto QMM.

A detailed, quantified case study of the Rio Tinto QMM ilmenite mine in Madagascar that explains both the theory and planned practical steps to achieving a Net Positive Impact on biodiversity by mine closure. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Biodiversity offsets are one solution to widespread poorly compensated biodiversity loss

A commentary on the opportunities offered by biodiversity offsets, discussing the challenges of restoration offsets. To request a copy of this paper please contact

NNL and NPI approaches for biodiversity: exploring the potential application of these approaches in the commercial agriculture and forestry sectors

Drawing on experience from other sectors, this IUCN report explores how agriculture and forestry projects can take practical steps to achieve NNL or NPI on biodiversity.

Technical conditions for positive outcomes from biodiversity offsets

A basic introduction to technical issues related to offsets, developed as an input paper to inform the IUCN Technical Study Group on Biodiversity Offsets.

A review of corporate goals of No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact on biodiversity

A peer-reviewed paper on the growth of NNL and NPI goals by the private sector.