Are corporate biodiversity commitments consistent with delivering ‘nature-positive’ outcomes?

24 October 2022

A review of ‘nature-positive’ definitions, company progress and challenges

With growing calls for business and finance to contribute to a nature-positive future, what commitments have the world’s largest companies made to halting the decline of nature? Have these changed over time as nature and biodiversity move rapidly up the sustainability agenda? And what even are the key differences between nature-positive and net positive impact/no net loss biodiversity strategies?

As well as looking at emerging definitions of nature positive, this study explores trends in the biodiversity commitments of Global Fortune 100 companies and firms which have made recent ‘net impact’ commitments. It reviews challenges to overcome in delivering equitable and positive outcomes and summarizes the key elements required for businesses to achieve nature-positive alignment.

Categories: Publications, Biodiversity Strategy, Nature Positive, No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact

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