We are a team of biodiversity and ecosystem services experts, focusing on practical solutions for managing biodiversity risk and achieving positive conservation outcomes. We work across sectors to establish leading environmental performance and to deliver an ecologically sustainable basis for development.

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How to make biodiversity surveys relevant to your project

Our latest briefing note is all about surveys – why they matter, when to use which type of survey and most importantly how to get them right first time. We have used The Biodiversity Consultancy’s collective insight and experience to put together this practical step-by-step guide.

Our expert briefing note will help you ensure that your surveys will play their part in avoiding project delays, unnecessary costs and impacts on biodiversity.

National biodiversity policies are evolving – what is your government doing?

IUCN, The Biodiversity Consultancy and the Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology (DICE), University of Kent, researched the mitigation hierarchy and offset provisions in national law and legislation of 198 countries. The big news is that more and more countries now require developers to consider the mitigation hierarchy and biodiversity offsets. This trend looks set to continue.

The results of our research are available in the Global Inventory of Biodiversity Offset Policies (GIBOP) – a free, online database compiling information on the status, scope, and implementation of biodiversity offset policies around the world. (See IUCN GIBOP press release for further information.)