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The Biodiversity Consultancy was born of a very clear premise: in the future, all businesses will need to think, operate and act with respect to nature and biodiversity. It’s essential. $44tn of economic value, over half of global GDP, is significantly dependent on nature. Business and nature have always been interrelated. But the relationship has for too long been one-sided. Species populations have declined by nearly 70%. We’re faced with a global biodiversity crisis that threatens the health of our planet, our ways of life, and our futures.

The Biodiversity Consultancy exists to bridge the worlds of business and biodiversity. We accelerate organisations’ journeys towards nature positive futures and we enable nature and corporations to thrive side by side. We’re equally as at home in the unique habitats of the Costa Rican rainforest or the Mongolian Steppes as we are in the complex ecosystems of the Fortune 500. And we know how to deliver practical, impactful and valuable solutions for both environments.

We have been, and we continue to be, integral to the development of globally recognised biodiversity reporting standards. We don’t just follow the rules, we help to set them.

And we’re absolute leaders in the underlying science of biodiversity - analysing and interpreting data to a higher standard to deliver better outcomes. In fact, we are probably the most extensively published environmental consultancy in the world.

We use this expertise to guide, support, inspire and give practical direction to our clients. Across sectors and geographies, and at every stage of their nature positive journeys. Helping mitigate risk and meet strategic goals to unlock and ultimately create value through the business and nature relationship.

A nature positive future is essential for businesses. We’re here to make it a viable, verifiable and valuable reality.

Jon Ekstrom

Chief Executive Officer

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