Together with our world-class clients and partners we deliver science-based, pragmatic solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing business and biodiversity.

TBC team photo Norfolk 2016Founded in 2006, The Biodiversity Consultancy rapidly became a key player in the world of business and biodiversity through our practical and rigorous approach. We are based in Cambridge, UK, with a growing global presence. We also have members of the TBC team in Australia, France, Belgium, Colombia, France, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Africa.

Now over ten years since our launch, clients retain us because we are ecologists who understand the business context. We partner with business to solve the world’s biggest challenges in corporate stewardship. Our science-based, pragmatic approach is integral to delivering solutions to complex biodiversity challenges such as how to achieve Net Gain for biodiversity, creating and contributing to Science-Based Target (SBT) for nature, developing 2030 strategies and goals, biodiversity footprinting across value chains, International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS6), Critical Habitat, Protected Areas, biodiversity offsets, biodiversity metrics and indicators, and risk-based ecological impact assessment. Our focus on biodiversity and ecosystem services means we provide stronger analytical skills, networks and policy knowledge than generally available in larger consultancies.

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Working with industry and civil society

UntitledBased in Cambridge, UK (a world centre for biodiversity science and conservation) our consultancy links and works across the academic, NGO, private and public sectors. From this unique perspective, we offer a resource for problem solving and a platform for cross-sector engagement. We are part of the Science Based Targets Network and co-lead the biodiversity hub. We facilitate NGO stakeholder engagement for industry, and chaired the Rio Tinto Madagascar NGO Panel for several years. We worked with IUCN on industry biodiversity management and co-led the IUCN biodiversity offsets resolution taskforce.

Both the IFC and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) turned to TBC to help develop their environmental safeguards (IFC PS6 2012, EBRD PR6). TBC conducted the first field pilots of IFC PS6 2012 and delivered the first projects against these new lending requirements. We have developed dedicated expertise in quantitative, clear metrics for biodiversity, and this core capacity lays a foundation for several emerging business needs including measurement of gain and loss of biodiversity in impact assessment (metrics and currencies), offset design and monitoring / evaluation protocols.

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Our people

TBC team Norfolk 2016TBC’s team is notable for hands-on biodiversity expertise developed through a broad range of backgrounds, including international conservation NGOs, research, policy development and corporate social responsibility. Most of our consultants have gained at least 10 years in these fields before joining TBC. Combining a clear biodiversity and ecosystem services focus with an in-depth understanding of private sector and government needs, we are ideally positioned to deliver innovative, pragmatic solutions to emerging biodiversity management challenges.

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Internship opportunities

From time to time, TBC employs interns to give talented and promising graduates an insight into the world of business and biodiversity and to share our passion for achieving sustainable development. We are looking for outstanding graduates and postgraduates who have a clear and strong interest in developing a career in the field of biodiversity management and are particularly keen to hear from individuals who intend to pursue their conservation careers in Africa, Asia-Pacific or Latin America. For more information visit our job vacancies page or email recruitment@thebiodiversityconsultancy.com

Our values

We are a dynamic team of people from a wide range of backgrounds, brought together by a shared passion for the environment. Sound ecological values inform all our work and conduct. It is important for us as a company and as individual ecologists that we live our values.

Through our staff-led Conservation Fund, we donate 12.5% of our profits to environmental causes

Our greening policy

We follow best practice by avoiding and minimising our own environmental impacts and offsetting any residual emissions. Our environmental policy informs every decision we make about our own business from catering to travel to energy supplies to pensions.

  • We monitor our own impact carefully, with targets to reduce water and energy use.
  • We reduce our environmental impact by minimising business travel, encouraging cycling through our cycle scheme.
  • We use Green Energy for the supply of electricity.
  • All TBC catering is vegetarian and Fairtrade where possible.
  • We use recycled materials where ever possible and purchase energy efficient equipment.
  • We champion recycling.
  • In 2018 we are supporting the Makira project in Madagascar through carbon credits in our mission to offset the carbon emissions we produced the previous year and become carbon neutral.