Apparel & Textiles

A biodiversity-conscious approach for a responsible fashion industry

The apparel industry has a considerable impacts on nature, contributing to overconsumption of natural resources, soil degradation and water pollution, and huge amounts of waste to landfill.​

Yet with high stakes in agricultural commodities and water sources, and significant purchasing power, apparel and textiles companies could drive meaningful change for nature and people across farms, landscapes, watersheds and the entire fashion sector, by making ambitious commitments and engaging in collaborative action.​

The Biodiversity Consultancy works side by side with clients in the apparel and textiles sector to assess nature-related impacts and risks, and develop ambitious and evidence-based strategies to mitigate them. This involves comprehensive value chain assessments - from raw material production, to manufacturing, to use phase and end of life; and development of strategies, targets and tangible actions to facilitate the transition to sustainable fashion. ​

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