The marine environment is an area where business has the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through impact mitigation approaches that contribute to national and global sustainability goals.

Against the backdrop of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), we are helping businesses achieve a leading position in marine sustainability. Our in-house team of marine specialists addresses the unique challenges of development in marine environment with pragmatic solutions that align with industry best practice.

We help companies understand and navigate the biodiversity risks of offshore development to support project planning and improve impact mitigation. A holistic approach to biodiversity management in marine settings will both minimise project risk and highlight opportunities for avoidance and minimisation, which reduce the requirement for more costly restoration and offsetting actions.

Further insights into our approach to marine risk management can be found in our Briefing Note on marine offsetting and our co-authored a paper on pragmatic approaches toward better conservation outcomes for marine biodiversity offsets.

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