The Biodiversity Consultancy Appoints Tim Curtis as New CEO

  1. New CEO to continue The Biodiversity Consultancy’s growth and innovation as a catalyst for nature positive business. 

  2. Tim brings over two decades of technical and business experience growing environmental consulting at major firms, achieving significant revenue growth and operational effectiveness. 

  3. Tim has extensive expertise in delivering impactful sustainability solutions and his commitment to a nature positive future perfectly aligns with The Biodiversity Consultancy’s vision. 



Cambridge, UK., 24 June 2024 -- The Biodiversity Consultancy is delighted to announce the appointment of Tim Curtis as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective 12 August 2024. Tim will take over from Founder and Interim CEO, Jon Ekstrom, who stays with the company on the Board of Directors. 

Tim brings over two decades of experience leading energy and environmental consulting at Ricardo, the globally respected environmental and engineering firm. As Managing Director, he demonstrably drove significant revenue growth and operational efficiency, expanding their energy and environment consultancy across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. His strategic initiatives not only broadened Ricardo's global reach but also diversified their business portfolio. 

Tim possesses deep knowledge in delivering advanced environmental solutions across diverse sectors. His approach harnesses high calibre scientific capabilities with cutting-edge technical solutions to deliver sustainability goals, guaranteeing impactful results for private companies, government agencies, and NGOs. 

Tim's proven ability to navigate complex international environments and foster collaborative relationships perfectly aligns with TBC's mission to become a global leader to ensure successful outcomes for biodiversity and nature conservation. His commitment to a nature positive future is a natural fit with The Biodiversity Consultancy’s mission to expand its global presence and drive innovation. Under Tim's leadership, The Biodiversity Consultancy is poised to become the catalyst for nature positive economy and business worldwide. 

In Tim’s own words, “Supporting businesses on their journey to a nature positive future is an essential challenge of our age. I’m deeply proud and energised to be joining the amazing team at The Biodiversity Consultancy, as we step up to that challenge.” 

Dr Jon Ekstrom, The Biodiversity Consultancy’s Founder adds, “Tim Curtis’s commercial spirit, passion for our mission and strong sense of purpose made him the ideal choice to lead us through the next phase of our journey. The Biodiversity Consultancy has a wealth of experience and a 15-year track record, but in many respects, it feels like we’re just getting started. Watch this space!” 



The Nature Positive Journey 

We guide global companies in contributing towards a nature positive future. Through close collaboration with our partners across their business lifecycle, we enable nature to be integrated into operational strategies. 

Partner with us to Make Nature Your Business  

The Biodiversity Consultancy is leading the way in supporting businesses on their journey towards a nature positive future. 

We developed a science-based pathway to help businesses address unanswered questions, ensuring confident progress aligned with the concept of Nature Positive. 

The Biodiversity Consultancy partners with you to unlock solutions for unanswered nature-related questions, propelling you towards your sustainability goals. Our science-based approach aligns with the Nature Positive concept, which aims to stop and reverse environmental damage. 

We will guide you confidently through mandatory and voluntary disclosure frameworks, keeping your focus on the ultimate objective: a Nature Positive future. 

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