Target Setting & Strategy Development

Contributing to a nature positive future with science-based targets and strategies​

Prioritising preventing negative impacts (using mitigation hierarchy as a basis) and following an evidence- and science-based approach to designing your nature strategy and setting targets can help you define the optimal path for your business to contribute to a nature positive future. Targets will establish specific, measurable goals aligned with the latest understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem health, and the strategy will design the bespoke business pathway to achieve your commitments to nature. They encompass clear metrics and timelines for achievement, enabling progress tracking and adaptive adjustments as needed.​ 


What is Target Setting​ & Strategy Development?

Target setting and strategy development involves establishing a clear vision and long-term goals for integrating nature positive commitments into business operations, and evaluating the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the approaches to achieve the targets. The entire process is deeply rooted in collaborative stakeholder engagement to ensure critical internal buy in and successful business transformation towards nature positive outcomes.​

Approaches to setting nature targets and associated strategies can follow methods developed by the Science-Based Target Network (SBTN), or alternatively can follow other evidence-based approaches tailored to the needs and ambition levels of businesses. 


Why you should set Science-Based Targets and develop a nature strategy

  • Setting targets for nature demonstrates commitment to a positive future for nature, signals the company's contribution to sustainability, and enhance its value proposition.

  • Managing impacts and dependencies on nature protects the business from nature-related risks, increases supply chain resilience.

  • Companies with science-based targets are well positioned to respond to the evolving regulatory landscape on nature and biodiversity.


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