Site-Based Management

Efficiently managing site-based impacts on biodiversity

Site-based management is crucial for ensuring that development projects comply with environmental regulations and contribute to a nature positive future, in which human activities have a net positive impact on biodiversity. Our approach helps organisations identify high-priority sites for intervention and develop risk mitigation and impact reduction, facilitating the reduction of negative impacts on biodiversity and shifting to nature positive outcomes.


What is the site-based management?

The Biodiversity Consultancy supports its partners in implementing site-based management strategies for both future and ongoing project management. For future projects, we help assess the potential impacts of commercial activities in a location, develop mitigation strategies, and build capacity for implementation upon project launch.

For ongoing projects, we support organisations in identifying high-risk sites, developing roadmaps for impact reduction and risk mitigation, and implementing clear monitoring programmes to measure progress.


Why site-based management is important

  • Site-based management allows for the development of customised conservation strategies that address a site's specific ecological priorities and risk drivers, leading to tailored and effective outcomes for biodiversity.

  • It can support compliance with local, national, and international policies and regulations for both biodiversity and broader environmental issues (e.g., TNFD, CSRD).

  • Management practices are tailored to the individual sites through the assessment of local species, habitats, and ecological processes, which are crucial in developing effective and appropriate interventions.It allows companies to build capacity to continuously monitor changes in the site conditions based on real-time data insights, facilitating a proactive and flexible approach to effecting positive biodiversity outcomes.

  • Site-based management allows for the development of actions for biodiversity that are effective and feasible on both short and long-term horizons


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