Shift to renewable energy must – and can – protect nature

25 April 2023

Rapid scaling up of renewable energy is crucial to tackle climate change. But the rush to shift away from fossil fuels could have unintended consequences for nature.

A report written by The Biodiversity Consultancy and WWF for The Coalition Linking Energy And Nature for action (CLEANaction), reviews the full range of environmental impacts of renewable energy on nature – from sourcing raw materials to decommissioning. The report synthesizes the evidence and outlines a path to nature-safe energy production.

It finds that generating and storing energy from renewables is far less environmentally damaging than from fossil fuels. A transition focused on wind and solar has the lowest expected environmental impacts, although other renewables can be appropriate depending on local circumstances.

The report recommends how governments, investors and developers can act strategically, considering climate, energy and nature goals together to minimise the biodiversity risks of renewable energy production, and even deliver nature-positive outcomes.

Categories: Publications, Biodiversity Strategy, No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact, The Mitigation Hierarchy, Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity

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