Action & Transition Planning

Plan actions towards nature positive

Businesses have an important role to play in delivering global biodiversity goals by aligning their practices with the nature positive agenda. Action and Transition Planning helps organisations chart a course towards mitigating and reversing biodiversity loss whilst building resilience to nature-related risks.

What is Action and Transition Planning?

Action and Transition Planning is an important approach for organisations to integrate biodiversity and nature considerations into their operations, strategy and value chain.

At The Biodiversity Consultancy, we help organisations establish Action and Transition Planning systems to mitigate biodiversity impacts, adapt business strategy, and promote robust long-term changes that enhance positive outcomes for nature and business. We guide companies in developing tailored Action and Transition Planning approaches, leveraging best practice frameworks such as AR3T alongside cutting-edge scientific research to establish science-based targets, engage stakeholders across the value chain, and implement actions to measurably achieve goals for biodiversity.

Why Action and Transition Planning is important​

  • Action and Transition Planning can build organisational resillience by identifying and mitigating biodiversity-related transition risks in short- and long-term horizons, whilst also aiding businesses in meeting ongoing regulatory requirements. 

  • Proactive transition planning not only positions organisations to contribute to global biodiversity goals, but also opens avenues for new market opportunities and efficiency optimisation. 


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