Impact & Dependency Screening

Assess the nature-dependency of your business to mitigate risks

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse are among the top three global long-term risks. In the short-term, they can create risks for individual companies too. 

Biodiversity impact and dependency screening is a critical early-stage assessment that can help companies understand which components of their business may have significant dependencies or negative impacts on nature. This screening enables companies to prioritise further impact assessment, target setting, and action implementation to effectively reduce risks and capitalise on opportunities.

What is impact and dependency screening?​

This screening is a rapid assessment of all the industrial activities that are related to your business' full value chain. Through the impact screening, TBC will indicate which company-relevant activities may be associated with the key drivers of biodiversity loss. Additionally, through the dependency screening, TBC will indicate activities that significantly rely on nature and ecosystem services.

Why you should do impact and dependency screening

  • Early screenings help companies save time and cost by focusing further assessment and mitigation efforts on the parts of the business where nature- and biodiversity-related risks are greatest.

  • Highlights areas of a company that may be financially sensitive to the decline of nature, helping to prepare for future changes.​

  • Impact and dependency screening facilitates compliance with global biodiversity and nature frameworks, regulations, and lender expectations.​


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