We advise on a broad range of biodiversity policy issues, including the design of mitigation and compensation approaches for national and sub-national governments. Over 100 countries have or are developing biodiversity offset policies to compensate for the residual negative impacts of development. However, offset policies require careful design and implementation if they are to be effective. The Biodiversity Consultancy is well placed to advise given our world-leading experience in the technical, practical and socio-political issues around offsets. 

We supported IUCN to develop its biodiversity offsets policy and secure members’ endorsement. With IUCN and University of Kent we developed the Global Inventory of Biodiversity Offset Policies, making information on the status and scope of national policies available online.

Other policy-related services include:

  • Supporting preparation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans
  • Developing regulation and guidance for impact mitigation and sectoral risk management
  • Setting science-based targets for nature
  • Guiding translation of biodiversity goals into policy and regulation