Corporate training services

Why biodiversity risk management?

The erosion of nature presents a growing risk to society. It is also a material risk to individual businesses.

Identifying where the risks are and understanding the business value of integrating biodiversity thinking into operations or sustainability strategies can seem a daunting challenge.

Our custom training solutions are designed to deliver business teams and groups the essential knowledge and skills to take informed corporate and project-level decisions on managing these risks and help implement effective strategies, aligned with best biodiversity management practice.

Custom training programmes from the biodiversity specialists

We work with you to understand your business needs, assess the unique challenges you face and then tailor our training modules to provide you and your teams with relevant and practical guidance to enhance performance and provide a lasting positive impact.

All our online and in-person training modules are developed by leading experts to give your organisation the tools to identify risks, build corporate strategies and implement best practice approaches to biodiversity management. Our modules:

  • Present senior executives and business leaders with clear methods to identify biodiversity risks and design corporate strategies to measure and address them
  • Equip ESG teams with the practical skills and knowledge to apply biodiversity management best practice across the project lifecycle or company value chain
  • Provide advice on developing ‘bankable’ projects aligned with IFC Performance Standard 6 (PS6) and similar leading financial safeguards
  • Demonstrate the opportunities and practical solutions for achieving positive biodiversity outcomes, based on real-world case studies
  • Are ideal for groups and teams of 10-20 delegates

Why choose us?

Our evidence-based approach draws on years of real-world experience from the field and in the boardroom, to give actionable advice and insight into connecting biodiversity to reputational, financial, and operational risks and opportunities.

The Biodiversity Consultancy is a leader in the world of business and biodiversity. Our pragmatic, science-based and rigorous approach has enabled us to tackle complex biodiversity challenges and deliver practical sustainability solutions for leading organisations across multiple sectors and geographies.