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Towards Nature Positive: How Italy's 'Wool City' can inspire a natural fibre revolution

Liesl Truscott reports back from the Natural Fibre Connect conference in Biella.

Corporate benchmarking can drive a race to the top

How can businesses use benchmarking to guard against box ticking in sustainability reporting?

Liesl Truscott informal

Liesl Truscott, former Director of Industry Accountability & Insights at Textile Exchange, has joined The Biodiversity Consultancy as Strategic Director, Nature Strategies.

Biodiversity and fashion

The world has woken up in the past 18 months to a Nature Crisis as large as the Climate Emergency.  We explore why nature is on trend in 2020 and what the apparel sector can do to make their mark. Our first Insight piece looks at...

Integrating the value of natural capital into private and public investment

Written on behalf of IUCN, we prepared this paper as an input towards World Leaders’ Dialogues at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, convened by IUCN and the Rockefeller Foundation at the Bellagio Centre, Italy.