Helene Bovy

Associate Consultant

BSc, MSc, PhD

Helene is a published ecologist with a well-rounded academic background. She has a Masters in Conservation Biodiversity and a PhD in Ecology, which focused on understanding and predicting the impacts of invasive species.

In the past three years, Helene has worked as a consultant on a number of projects covering the social and environmental impacts of large scale infrastructure and natural resource management, particularly in East and Southern Africa. She has not only undertaken the analysis and reporting of information, but also taken part in field visits (including sampling and surveying) and stakeholder workshops. She is familiar with the policies and standards of international lenders and institutions (e.g. World Bank, GEF).

Prior to this, she worked in east and southern Africa with NGOs, as a field researcher but also programme manager which has honed her understanding of environmental challenges of these landscapes on social and political levels. Helene is a native English and French speaker.

Headshot of Helene Bovy