Helen Temple

Executive Director, Impact and Partnerships

BSc, PhD

As Executive Director of Impact and Partnerships, Helen Temple is responsible for building strategic partnerships and driving engagement with global corporates to make biodiversity a boardroom decision. 

One of The Biodiversity Consultancy’s founder members, Helen has twenty years’ professional experience in ecology and conservation, spanning academic, NGO and consultancy sectors. Since 2009, Helen’s work has focused on assessing impacts on biodiversity and natural resources, and on designing or evaluating the performance of mitigation strategies for large and small private sector development projects, primarily in non-OECD countries (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Pacific) but also in North America, Australia and the EU. She has also worked as an adviser for large multinational companies, governments and financial institutions, contributing to the development of corporate policies and performance standards and facilitating cross-sector partnerships. Helen advocates a pragmatic, solution-focused approach to biodiversity management that emphasises building the relationships, capacity and processes necessary for successful implementation.

Before joining TBC, Helen worked on various aspects of conservation science and practice, ranging from research and management of threatened species in the field to broad-scale analyses of status and trends in global biodiversity, for leading international NGOs and academic institutions including IUCN, BirdLife International, and the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Helen speaks French, German and Spanish.

Helen Temple