Haider Tareen

Management Accountant


Haider Tareen ACCA, CPA  brings a solid foundation in management accounting to his role, backed by a decade of experience in the finance sector. He embarked on his academic journey with a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, which provided him with a strong base in finance principles. Further enhancing his knowledge, Haider pursued a Master's Degree in Business Analytics from the University of West London and achieved certifications in ACCA and CPA. His career has spanned several countries, starting in the USA at a consulting firm, followed by valuable years in Dubai, and eventually leading him to the UK.

In his work, Haider has focused on applying his understanding of financial modelling, budgeting, and risk assessment techniques. His interest in data analytics has played a significant role in supporting his teams to make informed decisions. he has practical experience in navigating financial tasks and his familiarity with system implementations, such as CRM and ERP systems, has contributed to the operational efficiency of the projects he has been involved in.

By maintaining a balance between his technical skills and a continuous desire for professional growth, Haider seeks to support and learn from his peers, ensuring that his contributions are both meaningful and grounded.

Haider Tareen