Claire Fletcher

Strategic Director, Renewables


Claire is a Strategic Director with more than fourteen years’ experience working in business and biodiversity across multiple sectors, globally. She specialises in helping projects and companies to cut through complexity and make clear plans for understanding and addressing their impacts on nature.

Claire works with clients to develop long-term strategies for biodiversity, across the project or product lifecycle – including identifying biodiversity risk and materiality, and developing action plans to set targets and mitigate impacts. She works closely with international lenders, such as the International Finance Corporation, to complete project-level due diligence and align projects with lending requirements (e.g., IFC PS6). Claire has also worked intensively with both lenders and NGOs to prepare sector-level guidance for good practice approaches to biodiversity planning, management and mitigation.

Claire’s background is in marine ecology, with several years of experience carrying out fieldwork in the UK offshore wind and aggregate extraction sectors – including seabed and water column sampling, deployment of oceanographic monitoring equipment, marine mammal observations and sub-sea camera surveys. Prior to joining The Biodiversity Consultancy, Claire supported several Habitats Regulations Assessments for UK Round 3 offshore wind projects, and led a package of training and capacity building in the emerging offshore wind sector in Taiwan. She has also spent a year working on project biodiversity offset management planning for terrestrial offsets in Queensland, under the Australian federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Queensland environmental offsets policy.

Claire is based near Brisbane, Australia.

Claire Fletcher