Chloé Gerstenhaber


BSc, MRes

Chloé is a specialist in environment, biodiversity, and conservation, with a strong foundation in sustainability strategy development for major companies, complemented by a distinguished academic background, including research and fieldwork experiences. 

She serves as a Consultant in the Technical Design and Development team at The Biodiversity Consultancy. Proficient in handling extensive and intricate datasets, Chloé employs her analytical expertise across a broad spectrum of projects and industries. Her primary focus lies in developing customised approaches using a variety of tools to evaluate the biodiversity impact of companies' direct operations and supply chains. In addition, she provides guidance to companies in comprehending and aligning with relevant frameworks and regulations, as well as in developing biodiversity strategies and action plans to manage their ecological footprint. Chloé is an official Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) assessor since 2022, a corporate tool designed to assess the impact of companies and investments on biodiversity. 

Before joining The Biodiversity Consultancy, Chloé completed her BSc in Life Sciences at Sorbonne University in Paris. Subsequently, she pursued a Master of Research in Biodiversity, Evolution, and Conservation at UCL in London. During her academic journey, she led several research projects focusing on African wildlife in Kenya with Save The Elephants and in collaboration with organizations such as the Natural History Museums of London and Paris, the Zoological Society of London, and the French National Institute for Research on Sustainable Development.  

Fluent in both French and English, Chloé brings a valuable international perspective to her work.

Chloé Gerstenhaber