Claire Fletcher

Senior Principal Consultant


Claire specialises in marine ecology, with a particular focus on oil and gas, aggregates and renewable energy projects.

She has eleven years’ experience of marine environmental survey and baseline data collection, biodiversity risk screening, preparation of biodiversity management and monitoring plans and development of biodiversity offset plans. She is experienced in Critical Habitat Assessment and other IFC PS6-aligned documentation.

Prior to TBC, she spent several years carrying out offshore environmental surveys for the aggregates sector, including sediment and water column sampling, deployment of oceanographic monitoring equipment, marine mammal observations and subsea camera surveys. Claire has worked intensively in UK offshore wind, supporting several Habitats Regulations Assessments, and contributed to the design and delivery of training materials and capacity building in the offshore wind sector in Taiwan. Claire has also spent a year working on biodiversity offset management planning for terrestrial offsets in Queensland, under the Australian federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Queensland environmental offsets policy.

Her skills are strengthened by her excellent report writing skills for specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Claire is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Claire Fletcher