Chloé Gerstenhaber


BSc, MRes

Chloé is a Researcher in the Technical design and Development team at The Biodiversity Consultancy. Comfortable with large and complex data sets, Chloé applies her analytical skills across a wide range of projects and sectors. Her primary focus is on developing tailored approaches using a variety of tools to assess the footprint of companies’ direct operations and supply chain.

Chloé has led a number of research projects focusing on African wildlife, both in Kenya and with organisations such as the Natural History Museums of London and Paris, the Zoological Society of London, and the French National Institute for Research on Sustainable Development.

Chloé completed her BSc in Biology from Sorbonne University, Paris, before undertaking a Master of Research in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation at UCL, London. She is fluent in English and her native French.

Chloé Gerstenhaber