Bárbara Goettsch is a botanist and has a PhD in Ecology from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her conservation experience spans from academic institutions, non-government organizations to the Mexican Federal Government, where she has contributed to numerous research projects. 

Barbara joined TBC from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) where she led various multi-stakeholder, multi-sector international projects such as the Plants for People initiative and the Darwin Initiative funded “Safeguarding Mesoamerica crop wild relatives”, to increase the geographic and taxonomic coverage of plants on The IUCN Red List. 

She specialises on cacti and has been studying this group and arid regions for over 20 years. Her passion for the conservation of these plants took Bárbara to lead the Global Cactus Assessment and Co-Chair of the IUCN SSC Cactus and Succulent Plants Specialist Group. 

She is based in Cambridge and is fluent in Spanish and English. 

Bárbara Goettsch