Adeline Serckx

Strategic Director, Technical Design and Development

BSc, MSc, PhD

Adeline has over ten years’ experience in biodiversity conservation, primatology, and global ecology, and has worked on projects across several sectors to help them align with IFC PS6 or assess their biodiversity footprints.

As part of her doctorate, Adeline studied the eco-ethology of a population of Bonobos in the western part of Democratic Republic of Congo. She worked with local communities to train them in field and socio-economic data collection for ecosystem services’ mapping, with governments and a broad range of local and international stakeholders. This hands-on experience offers her a good level of understanding of Central African landscapes. She has also worked with farming communities in Belgium, notably representing them within social, environmental, economic and scientific committees and councils at a regional, national and European level.

With TBC since 2017, Adeline has worked on renewable, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure and consumer goods projects to align activities with IFC PS6 and/or EBRD PR6 requirements. She has extensive experience developing Critical Habitat Assessments, Biodiversity Action Plans, Residual Impact Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation Plans, and the design of biodiversity surveys.
Adeline’s current focus is on helping EU-based companies assess corporate biodiversity footprints, analyse supply chains, screen for biodiversity risk, and develop biodiversity targets and monitoring systems.

Adeline has contributed to development of several key biodiversity indicators, including the Biodiversity Indicator for Site-Impacts with UNEP-WCMC and the Science-based Targets Network’s interim guidance. She is a certified assessor of the Global Biodiversity Score.

Adeline is a native French-speaker, as well as being fluent in English.

Adeline Serckx