We are a mission-driven company with an explicit purpose ­­– to mainstream nature into business and finance decision-making.

We have a list of industry firsts under our belt, but for us it’s not about being first. We want to create positive change that lasts. We measure our success on how the methods and practices we’ve helped pioneer have spread throughout the business world and become standard practice.

As scientists, we rely on an evidence-based approach, but it doesn’t stop with data as real change requires vision, inspiration and effective relationships. An approach we take to some of the most environmentally complex projects and issues in the world – projects which are accelerating the energy transition, reimagining agricultural practices, redirecting financial flows, and enabling global supply chains to raise the bar for nature sustainability.

Training tomorrow’s leaders

We enjoy an active role in ensuring the environmental sector continues to attract passionate people and inquiring minds so it can continue to take on today's and tomorrow’s great challenges.

Many of our senior staff are regulars on the conservation lecture circuit, sharing real-world experience on environmental and social safeguards, project assessments and application of the mitigation hierarchy. Since 2015 we have led the Cambridge Masters in Conservation Leadership course on biodiversity risk management to equip students with the skills needed to create positive change in conservation. We also supervise individual Masters’ students through annual placement and consultancy projects.

Every year we welcome promising candidates through our internship programme, which is designed to support early career professionals to improve their understanding and skills. As a specialist business and biodiversity consultancy we are able to immerse aspiring future consultants in the real-world challenges and opportunities faced by governments and companies.