Rio Tinto Simandou, Guinea: Pic de Fon Forêt Classée

shutterstock_121965964TBC led the development of the community-based management plan for the Pic de Fon Forêt Classée, a protected area in Guinea. The work was initiated by Rio Tinto to find a stakeholder-based solution to balance iron ore mining, chimpanzee conservation and local community forest use within the same forest. The result was a new law passed by the Minister of Environment of Guinea in 2010. The plan is a model for effective collaboration between government, the private sector and local communities.

This co-management model shares roles and responsibilities between partners to mitigate pressures on the forest. TBC advised on the strategic direction with Pic de Fon management partners for the development of the management plan. We supported the community consultation process which led to the creation of community forest management committees. We facilitated the definition of roles and responsibilities during several partner workshops. The protected area was divided into three zones to aid management: a fully protected area, a production area and a mining area. The main planned biodiversity management activities by the Pic de Fon Forêt Classée staff are bushfire management, reforestation, protection of headwaters from agriculture and other threats, control and monitoring by joint community and forest service teams of illegal activity, research, and specific actions for priority biodiversity features including endemic plants and amphibians. Communities are leading sustainable management activities, including hunting (by a hunters’ association), harvesting of non-timber forest products, agriculture and fishing.