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Marine biodiversity offsets: Pragmatic approaches toward better conservation outcomes

An assessment of how biodiversity offsets can be applied in the marine environment to achieve better outcomes and a discussion on the opportunities and challenges for marine conservation policy and practice.

Marine biodiversity offsets

Biodiversity offsets compensate for the negative impacts of development that remain after full application of the mitigation hierarchy. While offsetting for impacts on a marine habitat shares many characteristics of the approach...

A global map to aid the identification and screening of critical habitat for marine industries

A peer-reviewed paper that describes compilation of the first global map of likely or potential Critical Habitat for the marine realm.

A reef

Our report for the Australian Government explores how to approach marine offsets for the Great Barrier Reef.

Ecological restoration in the deep sea: Desiderata

A peer-reviewed scientific paper on the need for, and practicality of, restoration in deep sea ecosystems.