Aligning with nature frameworks

Reporting against biodiversity and nature frameworks

As industry leaders, we are well equipped to help you navigate the complex and shifting framework landscape with ease. We are not just up to date with the latest framework publications, but often work directly to support the groups developing the frameworks. This means we can truly help your organisation stay ahead and make the reporting process both meaningful for your business and – ultimately – provide positive outcomes for nature.

The Biodiversity Consultancy experts we’re working with know the topic and the different guidance documents and they’re deeply involved in conversations about the global frameworks on which we’re building. They help us engage with stakeholders who are involved in defining the overall frameworks, the overall guidance.

Anders Saxbol, Raw Material Sustainability Manager, Ferrero

Biodiversity regulation is increasing

The regulatory landscape for nature and biodiversity reporting is changing and it’s important to make sure your business is up to date and ready to face new disclosure requirements. We have extensive experience helping organizations ensure they are aligned with these needs, for both corporate businesses and financial institutions. 

Many of these frameworks are new; we are not. We leverage our experience of helping clients successfully implement real-world, effective biodiversity strategies and management plans to keep your organization ahead of requirements as they evolve. Our deep sector knowledge and experience means we are able to identify valuable opportunities for your business to develop its approach to biodiversity and minimise its impact on nature.

Explore our framework expertise

Read our introductory guidance and FAQs on key frameworks below, including examples of how we have helped organizations align.

Which biodiversity frameworks apply to my business?

Confused about which frameworks are relevant for your organization? Or want to work with a mix of frameworks?

The majority of our clients want to align with several frameworks, sometimes prioritizing one over another. Our services can help you navigate the options and create outputs that maximize opportunities across a variety of these separate yet complementary frameworks.

Our services span three key phases of our approach: Assessment, Strategy and Implement & Disclose. Our unified approach can help you navigate the options and create outputs that maximize opportunities across a variety of these separate yet complementary frameworks.



Providing rigorously researched and transparent results


Identifying targets aligned with your business ambition

Implement & Disclose

Providing practical support based on real-world experience

TNFD step: Scoping, Locate Evaluate, Assess Prepare  Disclose
SBTN step: Step 1a Step 1b, Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Disclose
ESRS E4 E2 IRO-1 E2 SBM-3, E4.5, E4.6

E4.1, E4.2, E4.3, E4.4


GRI: 304-1 304-2, 304-3, 304-5 304-5, 304-6 Disclose
Example service: e.g. Nature Disclosure Readiness e.g. Footprinting services e.g. Impact investment or Strategy services e.g. On the ground support

The example services given above illustrate our range of experience across many sectors, but do not reflect everything we do. If you do not see your need mapped above, enquire today to find out how we can help you.

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