Nature Disclosure Readiness

Cut through the confusion: get your business ready to protect nature and report on your impact.

Beginning to map the relationship between your business and nature can be complex. Many companies are turning to this daunting task for the first time – often while also trying to align with new external regulations.

Our Nature Disclosure Readiness helps you evade the common pitfalls, plan strategically and avoid wasted effort. We help you go beyond disclosure and highlight the actions you can take to manage risks to your business and support global goals for nature. Whether you want a full nature assessment or are simply focusing on biodiversity, we provide you with: 

  • a clear overview of where you stand now, including any regulatory disclosure gaps
  • rigorously-evidenced interpretation of your priority areas
  • expert-backed advice on your next steps to develop your first business strategy for nature.

In short, everything you need to get your business ready to take positive and ambitious action for nature.

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We engaged The Biodiversity Consultancy to perform a screening of biodiversity-related risks across our portfolio of operations. Their location-based risk assessment provided a standardized approach to achieve this, using existing global datasets, and indicated which operations warrant deeper-dive assessments. The output from this approach is not only useful for internal management of risks but will support Hydro’s efforts to align with the increasing disclosure requirements within the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Patrick Brading, Head of Environment, Norsk Hydro ASA

All you need to get going

This is a full-coverage and rapid assessment across your corporate supply chain and direct operations, as applicable. There is no more effective way to swiftly yet comprehensively assess where you align with existing frameworks and what you will need to disclose. At the same time, we will identify your priority areas for further action and lay the groundwork for your full strategy, so your next steps are clear.



As biodiversity experts, The Biodiversity Consultancy understands what is at stake for the world and what is at stake for us as a business. They’re really good at striking the right balance and very pragmatic from a business perspective. They’re helping us push our nature work as something important internally.

Anders Saxbol, Raw Material Sustainability Manager at Ferrero Group

Tailored where it matters

Our standard service is based on years of experience and generally covers the majority of a client’s needs. Where needed, we can provide extra advice in a particular area (such as training, stakeholder engagement or deep-dive assessments in a high-impact area)

Prioritise your efforts

Rapid yet robust: we use our industry-leading tools to assess your business’s current status and provide clear, evidence-backed interpretation of where you stand. This includes: Impact, Dependencies and Location-based prioritisation. You get a detailed view of the most important sites for further assessment and our recommendations on where actions or data collection can be most effectively focused.

Act now

Actions backed by real-world experience: With 100s of successful projects under our belt, we know the factors critical to a successful biodiversity strategy and its implementation. We are not sustainability generalists: we are biodiversity specialists, experienced in understanding how successful real-world nature strategies and solutions impact business operations and interact with other areas of ESG action.

‘No regret actions’ for nature: We work with you to provide recommendations on the most effective actions you can take now to reduce your impact on nature. With this option, you can start to plan in motivating, meaningful wins and build engagement with your teams.

Prepare strategy

True expertise and a pragmatic approach: we combine deep knowledge of relevant biodiversity data sets, scientific expertise and industry experience to highlight your specific priority areas, allowing you to confidently focus on the most impactful areas for your business. Our team brings business consultancy skills together with real-world conservation and biodiversity experience so we can guide you towards the most effective next steps, tailored for your business.

Get disclosure-ready

We understand the context and the likely trajectory for biodiversity reporting, including the increasingly regulatory landscape. We have helped many clients across multiple sectors to align with reporting standards and are actively involved in framework development. This is why our Nature Disclosure Readiness is aligned to all the latest frameworks for your company – whether that is TNFD, CSRD, GRI, CDP or SBTN – and will continue to progress as things change. You can keep ahead of the market, with clear, disclosure-ready guidance and advice on how to address gaps.