Management systems and approaches

We use our deep expert knowledge and experience to develop approaches that can assist you in managing your project and reputation risks – and opportunities – linked to biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Mitigation hierarchy

We are world-leaders in interpretation and application of the mitigation hierarchy. TBC consultants wrote the leading guidance on the topic and support multiple clients at corporate and project-levels to ensure that mitigation measures are developed, implemented and communicated appropriately. We support the Oyu Tolgoi mine to avoid and minimise impacts to desert fauna in Mongolia, advise the developers of a port on avoiding impacts to endangered marine mammals and fish, and were part of a team investigating the potential for restoration of deep-sea ecosystems.

Action plans and management plans

Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) and similar management plans are the tool of choice to frame and guide implementation of mitigation measures. We work closely to with clients to support them in the development and application of BAPs. Use of BAPs is leading industry practice, and required for operations following PS6. We have assisted clients’ BAP development for PS6, for example at an oil field development in Central Asia, and to align with corporate commitments, for example with Rio Tinto operations in Australia and Africa. Our experience covers a wide range of assets operating in ecologies including deserts, equatorial forests and frozen seas.

Monitoring and evaluation

We help clients develop risk-based monitoring programmes which are designed to gather information needed to track whether impacts and risks are being managed as intended. Clients have found that monitoring strategies which we have helped prepare result in more efficient and powerful monitoring programmes. Such programmes are easier to implement and feed directly into adaptive management systems. We have coordinated the design and implementation of biodiversity monitoring programmes for mining and oil and gas developments in Central Asia, Mongolia, West and Central Africa.

Biodiversity offsets

Applied in the right way in the right circumstance, biodiversity offsets can offer you a valuable way of demonstrating your commitment to sustainable development. We are global thought and practice leaders in the field of biodiversity offsetting. TBC has been central to the growth and development of this field over the past ten years. We contributed to the development of BBOP Principals and Criteria, provided critical input to the development of IUCN’s position on offsets, and have authored several leading papers and guidance documents on the topic. We have helped clients develop offset programs worldwide including Mongolia, AustraliaMadagascar, West Africa and the Guyana Shield.