PS6 and best practice

We are world-leaders in the interpretation and application of IFC Performance Standard 6 and other lender policies – expertise which we apply to your sustainable development projects

We are world-leaders in the interpretation and application of IFC Performance Standard 6 and other lender policies. We work with both lenders and borrowers to ensure that the policies are applied appropriately and that risks are managed.

PS6 documentation

Preparing documentation for PS6 or other lender approval can be a daunting task. We use our deep knowledge and experience of the requirements to navigate your project through the complexity. We understand what is required to align with PS6 and guide clients to meet these expectations. Several of our clients have reached financial close, including the Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia, GAC mine in Guinea, and an oil project in Central Asia. In addition we are working with a mining company in the Guyana Shield region to align with PS6 for it operations in an area of Natural Habitat, a large offshore gas development in East Africa, and an oilfield and pipeline development in the Pacific region.

Gap analysis

Our team of consultants have wide-ranging experience and understand of lender requirements, government policies and other voluntary positions. For example as well as being experienced practitioners of PS6, we provided technical support to EBRD in their revision of PR6, and are supporters of the HCV Resource Network. Using this diverse knowledge we have assisted clients in understanding gaps and complementarity between different frameworks. For example we evaluated the gaps between the national EIA system (AMDAL) and PS6 for a client in Indonesia, compared PS6 with the HCV framework, and have reviewed company practice against PS6 and the BBOP Principles and Criteria (for example for a pipeline in Myanmar).

Biodiversity offsets

Applied in the right way in the right circumstance, biodiversity offsets can offer you a valuable way of demonstrating your commitment to sustainable development. We are global thought and practice leaders in the field of biodiversity offsetting. TBC has been central to the growth and development of this field over the past ten years. We contributed to the development of BBOP Principals and Criteria, provided critical input to the development of IUCN’s position on offsets, and have authored several leading papers and guidance documents on the topic. We have helped clients develop offset programs worldwide including Mongolia, AustraliaMadagascar, West Africa and the Guyana Shield.