Renewable Energy

Shaping the future in global biodiversity risk management in the Renewables sector

Renewable energy generation is an integral part of the low-carbon energy mix. While renewable energy plays a critical role in mitigating climate change, it presents significant risks to biodiversity if not carefully managed. Carefully planned and well-sited projects can help avoid most potential biodiversity impacts, whereas poorly managed, unmitigated risks can lead to significant impacts and raise stakeholder concerns.

TBC’s expertise is applied across the hydropower, solar, wind, and geothermal sectors, including their associated power infrastructure. We work with financial lenders, development banks, host governments and industry itself. We help deliver bankable projects that result in positive biodiversity outcomes on the ground. Our proven track record is a testament to our success, and has established us as the strategic partner of choice for addressing risks and opportunities at national and regional scales.

Our work has been profiled in international press (e.g. Medium and The Financial Times). Further insights into our approach and solutions to renewable energy projects and biodiversity can be found in our Renewables Capacity Statement, and our Industry Briefing Notes on hydropower, and onshore wind.