Finance, Government and Policy

TBC has almost 10 years of experience of advising governments, industry, investors and NGOs on managing biodiversity and biodiversity offset polices.

world map businessTBC has almost 10 years of experience developing biodiversity policies for the international finance sector, governments, industry, investors and NGOs.

We offer a number of services to the finance industry including investment due diligence, risk screening for the natural environment and biodiversity issues, and pre-feasibility assessments for compliance with international standards such as the International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (read our IFC PS6 case study), European Bank of Reconstruction and Development’s Performance Requirement 6 (read our EBRD PR6 case study summarising TBC’s review and revision of the performance requirement), Equator Principles and World Bank (read our World Bank ESS6 overview).

We offer the confidential capacity to screen investment portfolios for biodiversity risk both pre- and post-investment decisions, to provide the most complete analysis and interpretation of biodiversity risk available within the consultancy sector.

We work with the leading international financial organisations in providing input into their policies (e.g. IFC PS6, EBRD PR6) and in undertaking training and capacity building to ensure appropriate roll-out and implementation.

As well as this deep understanding of international finance guidance, gained through supporting their development, our teams have extensive practical experience in bringing projects to financial close through appropriate loan documentation complying or aligned with IFC PS6 and its derivatives. This includes projects which require a broader view of biodiversity management, such as an optimised mitigation hierarchy and no net loss / net positive approaches. In addition, we work with investment companies, notably energy and renewable energy opportunities within emerging markets, to ensure new investments meet the criteria and expectations of financiers, governments and stakeholders.

Our wide experience of real-world projects, in-depth understanding of both private sector, government and stakeholder perspectives, informs reliable biodiversity risk assessment and over-arching biodiversity policy and guidance. We support cross-sector partnerships and capacity building at national and regional levels globally. TBC’s integrated approach allows us to interpret complex information and deliver clear, easily digestible advice. An examples of TBC support to governments includes the Government of New Zealand about its Biodiversity Offset policy development.