Independent report on biodiversity offsets

A non-technical overview of biodiversity offsets and their application in the mining industry, including sections on principles, methods, best-practice case studies, ecosystem services, and remaining challenges.

A process for assessing the offsetability of biodiversity impacts

A peer-reviewed scientific paper outlining a practical approach to evaluating the appropriateness of risks to biodiversity and the achievability of offsets. To request a copy of this publication contact

Biodiversity offsets: relative offsetability of impacts

An earlier step towards ‘A process for assessing the offsetability of biodiversity impacts’, commissioned to feed into development of best-practice biodiversity legislation by the Government of New Zealand.

Biodiversity Impacts Guidance: Key Assessment Issues for Forest Carbon Projects

A non-technical guide to biodiversity impact assessment for those designing forest carbon projects, but with broader relevance to anyone considering monitoring biodiversity – including for biodiversity offsets.

Quantifying no net loss: Testing a possible method for measuring biodiversity losses and gains at Bardon Hill Quarry, UK.

A test of proposed methods for quantifying biodiversity losses and gains (from offset development) on a real world example; a planned quarry extension in the UK.