Biodiversity offsets and protected areas

A peer-reviewed paper discussing the circumstances under which biodiversity offsets might be appropriate in protected areas.

Integrating the value of natural capital into private and public investment

Written on behalf of IUCN, we prepared this paper as an input towards World Leaders’ Dialogues at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, convened by IUCN and the Rockefeller Foundation at the Bellagio Centre, Italy.

A review of corporate goals of No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact on biodiversity

A peer-reviewed paper on the growth of NNL and NPI goals by the private sector.

Ecological restoration in the deep sea: Desiderata

A peer-reviewed scientific paper on the need for, and practicality of, restoration in deep sea ecosystems.

Biodiversity offsets and the challenge of achieving no net loss

A peer-reviewed paper summarising conditions and activities, including offsets, that are necessary to achieve no net loss. To request a copy of this publication contact

The importance of correcting for sampling bias in MaxEnt species distribution models

A peer-reviewed scientific paper that helps to improve the most commonly-used approach to modelling poorly-known species’ distributions. To request a copy of this publication contact

Offsetability is highest for common and widespread biodiversity

Scientific correspondence on ‘Biodiversity offsets: relative offsetability of impacts’, clarifying how offsets might address common biodiversity. To request a copy of this publication contact

Independent report on biodiversity offsets

A non-technical overview of biodiversity offsets and their application in the mining industry, including sections on principles, methods, best-practice case studies, ecosystem services, and remaining challenges.

A process for assessing the offsetability of biodiversity impacts

A peer-reviewed scientific paper outlining a practical approach to evaluating the appropriateness of risks to biodiversity and the achievability of offsets. To request a copy of this publication contact

Biodiversity offsets: relative offsetability of impacts

An earlier step towards ‘A process for assessing the offsetability of biodiversity impacts’, commissioned to feed into development of best-practice biodiversity legislation by the Government of New Zealand.

Biodiversity Impacts Guidance: Key Assessment Issues for Forest Carbon Projects

A non-technical guide to biodiversity impact assessment for those designing forest carbon projects, but with broader relevance to anyone considering monitoring biodiversity – including for biodiversity offsets.

Quantifying no net loss: Testing a possible method for measuring biodiversity losses and gains at Bardon Hill Quarry, UK.

A test of proposed methods for quantifying biodiversity losses and gains (from offset development) on a real world example; a planned quarry extension in the UK.