Global Inventory of Biodiversity Offset Policies

Developed by TBC and IUCN, the Global Inventory on Biodiversity Offset Policies is the first online, public inventory, which aims to assist developers, as well as lenders and policy makers.

Forecasting the path towards a Net Positive Impact on biodiversity for Rio Tinto QMM.

A detailed, quantified case study of the Rio Tinto QMM ilmenite mine in Madagascar that explains both the theory and planned practical steps to achieving a Net Positive Impact on biodiversity by mine closure. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Who are Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Stakeholders?

TBC’s paper presented at SPE’s international conference and exhibition in April 2016 explored how understanding and engaging biodiversity and ecosystem services stakeholders is key to managing biodiversity risk. To request a copy of this paper contact

Biodiversity and ecosystem fundamentals

Biodiversity and ecosystem fundamentals informs BES strategy development and decision making at the corporate level and at the key stages of an asset life cycle for any type of operation or environmental context.

The Value of the IUCN Red List for Business Decision-making

Outlines how the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is currently used by business and how that use could be strengthened

A cross-sector guide for implementing the Mitigation Hierarchy

Practical guidance, innovative approaches and examples to support operationalising the mitigation hierarchy effectively. CSBI’s guide prepared by TBC was written with input from technical specialists in impact assessment, extractive industry experts and financial institutions, with feedback and input from the non-profit sector.

Biodiversity offsets are one solution to widespread poorly compensated biodiversity loss

A commentary on the opportunities offered by biodiversity offsets, discussing the challenges of restoration offsets. To request a copy of this paper please contact

NNL and NPI approaches for biodiversity: exploring the potential application of these approaches in the commercial agriculture and forestry sectors

Drawing on experience from other sectors, this IUCN report explores how agriculture and forestry projects can take practical steps to achieve NNL or NPI on biodiversity.

A global map to aid the identification and screening of critical habitat for marine industries

A peer-reviewed paper that describes compilation of the first global map of likely or potential Critical Habitat for the marine realm.

A reef

Our report for the Australian Government explores how to approach marine offsets for the Great Barrier Reef.

Landscape of the Taninthayi Nature Reserve

An evaluation of a project in Myanmar where payments from three gas pipeline operators have led to the creation and on-going management of a protected area.

Review of ICMM members' biodiversity performance management 2014

A review of progress made amongst ICMM members in managing their biodiversity performance between 2003-2013