Zoë Balmforth

Strategic Deputy Director, Nature Strategies


Zoe has over 20 years of professional experience, including field-based nature conservation, public and corporate policy, academic research and ecological consultancy. For her PhD she studied mammalian ecology in southern Africa. 

Zoe’s career has been spent working with international NGOs, corporates, multilaterals, and governments. She has developed and led multi-stakeholder projects and solutions in a range of contexts, from the establishment of community forest reserves in Africa, to development of corporate sustainability policy. Most recently, she has spent several years serving as a British Diplomat and brings experience in foreign policy and multilateral diplomacy. 

Zoe has extensive experience in planning and implementing protected area management plans, baseline biodiversity surveys, biodiversity offset strategies, Critical Habitat assessments, Biodiversity Action Plans, and environmental impact assessments. She has worked in a wide range of international contexts in the application of international lender standards such as IFC Performance Standard 6. Zoe speaks English and German. 

Zoë Balmforth