Will Stephen


MSc, BSc (Hons)

Will is a Consultant in the Technical Design and Development team. He uses his programming and data analysis skills to help clients develop bespoke analyses for nature dependencies & impacts assessment and design data-driven strategies for managing nature impacts. Will also leads on interpretation and application of various biodiversity metrics, models and reporting frameworks, such as EU CSRD. 

Prior to The Biodiversity Consultancy, Will worked at the Natural History Museum in London, researching the use of specimen DNA for conservation and ecological studies. In 2020, Will completed his MSc in Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Evolution at Imperial College London, where he gained knowledge and experience in using the latest methods and technologies to analyse numeric, genomic, physiological and spatial data to study and measure biodiversity.

He previously gained field-based conservation research experience monitoring sand lizard populations in the UK and aiding forest ecology and marine benthic and fisheries conservation projects in Indonesia.

Will Stephen