Osiris Doumbe


Msc, MRes

Osiris is a Consultant in the Development Team with 10 years’ practical experience in wildlife conservation.

He has conducted various studies on large mammals (primates, common hippopotamus, medium-large ungulates) and birds using non-invasive techniques such as distance sampling, drone use, camera trapping and point counts. Osiris is also a member of the SSC Specialists of Great Apes and has been working on the little studied Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees on several sites in Cameroon (nesting ecology studies, co-habitation with local communities).

In addition to wildlife focused studies and projects, Osiris has experience in protected area management. As the Technical Assistant of Mpem and Djim National Park (offset site of NHPC’s dam project on the Sanaga River), Osiris was involved in drafting and finalising the management plan, working with local communities to identify their challenges and needs, training eco-guards (GPS use, data collection), improving the patrols’ efficiency and providing equipment to the park staff.

Osiris Doumbe