Buga Berković

Principal Consultant


Buga is a marine ecologist with a particular interest in seagrass habitats and a strong background in academia and research in marine ecology. While passionate about research, she also believes scientific achievements need to be applied to solving the problems facing society and has applied her skills working with environmental NGOs, the private sector, and a wide range of stakeholders from governments and city halls to port authorities and private investors.  

Her strength lies in an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, based on her skills in spatial analysis, remote data processing, biostatistics, ecology, and ecosystem functioning.  

Before joining The Biodiversity Consultancy, Buga worked on the conservation of critically endangered species, developed measures for habitat restoration, and carried out years of monitoring and mapping of marine habitats. She also developed her project managing skills both in academic and business settings, developing keen communication skills by organizing workshops and meetings at local and international levels. 

Besides her native Croatian, she is fluent in English and Spanish and can communicate rather well in Portuguese and German.

Buga Berković