Sector Lead, Finance and NbS

BSc, MSc

Tami is a Senior Principal Consultant and has recently completed an MSc in Ecosystem Services. Prior to that she gained valuable experience working in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. She cites her passion for ecology as the driver behind her academic research and the journey that led her to TBC.

Originally from Indonesia, Tami specialises in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). She previously led the technical work on the integration of the Indonesian national EIA framework with an IFC-PS6 compliant ESHIA. Alongside her technical abilities, she brings considerable experience in project management and corporate management systems. Tropical marine ecosystem management for oil and gas development has been an important feature of Tami’s career.

With an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering, she enjoys translating environmental requirements into technical design criteria for oil and gas projects. She believes the leadership of the environmental team is pivotal for achieving sustainable development in the oil and gas industry.

At TBC she is honing her technical expertise in biodiversity and ecosystem services management as a key step in her international career in the field of conservation and development.

Tami Putri