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Launch of “Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals”IPIECA cover

Written by TBC on behalf of IPIECA-IOGP, this is the flagship Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) guidance for IPIECA-IOGP this year. It is an exciting piece of work drawing on all previous BES work to provide guidance for the management of BES impacts, dependencies risks and opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

IPIECA-IOGP launched the Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals guidance document for the oil and gas sector at the HSSE-SR SPE Conference in Stavanger, Norway on 13 April 2016.

Who are Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Stakeholders?


Mako_SRLivingstone_007_12Aug15_WebWe answered this crucial question and presented two other lively sessions at the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s annual International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility (HSSE–SR) in Norway in April 2016. This year’s premier global event for the oil & gas industry, which focused on the theme: “Sustaining our future through innovation and collaboration”.