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Pine Marten credit James A MoorePine Marten kits born in the wild in Wales!

The Vincent Wildlife Trust – one of the environmental charities supported by TBC in 2016 – has exciting news: pine marten kits have been born in Wales. The pine marten carries the title of Britain’s second rarest carnivore after the wildcat making these births a very significant moment in the conservation of this native mammal.

At least three of the ten female pine martens brought to Wales from Scotland last autumn by The Vincent Wildlife Trust have given birth. Staff from the Trust’s ‘Pine Marten Recovery Project’ placed remote cameras at a number of sites where they believed female martens were preparing to have young. Further investigation has confirmed a total of at least five kits. Read the full story on the Trust’s website.
Photo courtesy of James Moore.

Launch of “Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals”IPIECA cover

Written by TBC on behalf of IPIECA-IOGP, this is the flagship Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) guidance for IPIECA-IOGP this year. It is an exciting piece of work drawing on all previous BES work to provide guidance for the management of BES impacts, dependencies risks and opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

IPIECA-IOGP launched the Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals guidance document for the oil and gas sector at the HSSE-SR SPE Conference in Stavanger, Norway on 13 April 2016.