Policy and strategy

We work with government, civil society and the private sector on some of the most widely used guidance, policies, and reviews on business and biodiversity issues

Our position linking different actors, extensive knowledge, and in-depth understanding of the issues makes us highly qualified to prepare accessible guidance, strategies, and support policy development. We have worked with government, civil society and the private sector to prepare some of the most widely used guidance, policies, and reviews on business and biodiversity issues such as CSBI’s ‘A Cross-Sector Guide for Implementing the Mitigation Hierarchy’.


We support the development of biodiversity and ecosystem services strategies at a corporate and asset level. These strategies outline an overarching approach to managing biodiversity risk and opportunities. In some cases, these have been an aspirational position statement, for others (for example our work with BG Group), we have assisted in the development a comprehensive strategy and guidance as to how it can be implemented through specific policies and actions.

Reviewing past performance, and evaluating the effectiveness of policies on managing risk can help identify potential weaknesses, and highlight successes. We have carried out reviews for clients from the mining and oil and gas sectors as well as industry bodies. We work with clients to develop objective measures of performance, or to adapt existing methodologies. Our analysis of biodiversity and ecosystem services management of a major oil company is helped them develop a new, ambitions overarching approach to biodiversity risks and opportunities.

We can also support you and your organisation to understand the potential implications of emerging issues, such as “No Go” policies. We recently worked with a major oil company to pilot a potential approach by reviewing its implications at existing and planned assets. We have worked with junior mining companies in West Africa to develop and implement their approach to biodiversity management which places them amongst the world’s leading operators.

Industry bodies

Among the leading guidance documents we have prepared are the ICMM Independent report on biodiversity offsets, the IPIECA Biodiversity and ecosystem services fundamentals guidance, and the CSBI guidance on application of the mitigation hierarchy.

We collaborated with ICMM to review the performance of its members over 20 years, demonstrating that ICMM members have improved their management of biodiversity risk.


TBC has worked with national and sub-national jurisdictions, including Governments of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australian state departments, in the preparation of policies on aspects such as biodiversity offsets and net gain.

We have also developed ‘Guidelines for Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Extractive Industry’ for the Southern African Development Community.

Civil society

TBC works closely with international NGOs supporting their engagement with and development of policies for the private sector. We recently developed the ‘Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of the IUCN Red List for Business’ for IUCN and are working the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership to develop an approach for embedding biodiversity within corporate natural capital accounting.