The oil and gas industry is under close scrutiny from regulators, lenders, shareholders and stakeholders for its environmental impacts. However, it is also a sector where technological developments now mean that direct impacts on biodiversity can be greatly minimised. We partner with forward-thinking companies wishing to explore and develop reserves without adverse effects on biodiversity, while they transition to new energies. This means integrating biodiversity management into sustainability strategy at the corporate level and on the ground in business practices and operations throughout the entire project life cycle.

To facilitate this integration, we provide scientifically robust expertise with biodiversity risk management solutions based on international best practice for a wide range of IPIECA members. We engage with those in the oil and gas sector that are demonstrating a real commitment to the transition to low carbon, renewable energy and to delivering positive biodiversity outcomes at their operational sites. 

Whether corporate strategy or hands-on project contributions, on-shore or off-shore, we help our clients manage risk in very complex arenas. Our team regularly support leading industry majors in screening for biodiversity risks and integrating those risks into early-stage project planning and ESIA, as well as supporting the preparation of biodiversity action plans, offset implementation and ecological monitoring. We have worked at a corporate level with many of the largest oil and gas companies, helping to understand risks and develop leading-edge biodiversity strategies.