PJ Stephenson

Associate Consultant
BSc, PhD

PJ has been involved in biodiversity conservation and biological research for 30 years, holding several senior management positions in international organizations and NGOs.  His career started in Africa where he developed his expertise in protected areas management, species recovery, environmental policy and community development, working in marine and terrestrial environments, in French and English.
Since 2007, his work has focused on results-based management, especially the planning, monitoring and evaluation of conservation projects and programmes. Between 2007 and 2016 he was Director of Conservation Strategy and Performance at WWF International where he was responsible for setting the standards and developing the methods for strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation across WWF’s global network, as well as putting them into practice and training staff in their use. He has gone on to advise a range of NGOs, international organizations, companies and donor agencies on how to improve the measurement of their conservation impact, and has been active in international processes to develop indicators for the Aichi Targets and Sustainable Development Goals.
As well as being a consultant, PJ is active in the IUCN Species Survival Commission and the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas. He manages several projects and research studies for the IUCN SSC Species Monitoring Specialist Group, including setting up model monitoring systems for protected areas in Africa and working with the IUCN Global Business and Biodiversity Programme to develop and test guidelines for planning and monitoring corporate biodiversity performance. He publishes widely on conservation monitoring and evaluation, biodiversity indicators, and the collection and use of environmental data.