Josephine Head

Specialist Consultant
PhD, BSc

Jjhead_bio_photoosephine has over ten years experience working on projects relating to biodiversity conservation, with a particular focus on great apes. She has an extensive background in field research, conducting a broad range of studies including vegetation and habitat surveys, non-invasive monitoring of large mammals (line transect, genetic sampling and camera trap), phenological study, GIS mapping and socio-economic research in Africa and South East Asia.

In 2012, Josephine completed a PhD on the topic of community ecology among large rainforest mammals in Gabon, and her research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals. More recently, Josephine has worked as a consultant for various organisations, working on issues as diverse as priority setting for conservation, biodiversity risk analysis, mitigating unsustainable hunting, and assessing solutions to biodiversity challenges posed by industrial agriculture.

Josephine is a native English speaker and speaks fluent French.