Cheryl Ng

MSc, BEnvMan

Cheryl joins TBC with a Master’s in Applied Ecology and Conservation. With over three years’ of experience in the environmental consulting and government sector , Cheryl has worked on a range of environmental management projects in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, eSwatini and Australia.

Cheryl has helped develop solutions to manage environmental, specifically biodiversity risks for private and government sector clients. This includes supporting the design, management and delivery of impact assessments and monitoring and management plans for developments in terrestrial and coastal environments. She also has considerable field experience in the tropics and sub-tropics surveying a range of mammals such as insectivorous bats and small primates, to inform their conservation and management.

Both her work and educational experiences have provided useful context – enriching her understanding of environmental, specifically biodiversity issues in different landscapes across the world while working with people from different nationalities and cultures. These experiences combined have aided in the development of a strong technical foundation and the ability to communicate with both specialists and non-specialists alike.