Ameer Awad Abdulla Eweida

Associate Consultant
PhD, MSc, PG Cert-GIS, BSc

Dr Ameer Abdulla is a marine conservation scientist and a National Geographic Explorer with over 15 years of experience in marine research, conservation, and management in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, Great Barrier Reef, Mediterranean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. He has a PhD in Marine Science and a MSc in Marine Impact Assessment, Monitoring, and Management. Ameer has worked with the IUCN Global Marine Programme for 12 years where he led on marine biodiversity conservation and management. He is a senior member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and the Coral Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission (SSC), is an adjunct Associate Professor of marine conservation science at the University of Queensland in Australia, is a Senior Fellow in Conservation Science with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and a past Senior Fellow with the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC). Ameer is particularly interested in developing and harnessing multi-disciplinary marine science for conservation planning and ecosystem-based management of marine biodiversity in the context of global change. He is the author of more than 55 scientific papers, book chapters, and technical reports that focus on marine ecology and conservation, spatial planning, and impact assessment and management.

Ameer speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.