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Public Development Banks and Biodiversity

This new report published by WWF-France summarises a TBC-led study on how PDBs could support greening finance and financing green. It outlines five key actions PBDs can take to shift finance from potentially harmful activities to those which offer nature positive outcomes.

Orangutans: good practice guidance for industry

All three species of orangutan are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. This Industry Briefing Note outlines essential good practice for considering orangutans on your project, especially when alignment with PS6 is required.

How to make biodiversity surveys relevant to your project

"Measure twice, cut once". Getting biodiversity biodiversity surveys right the first time is the equivalent to this proverb. Good survey design ensures data are relevant, creates opportunities for avoidance and minimisation, and...

HCV and IFC PS6: why do the different approaches matter to industry?

PS6 and the HCV approach are both widely-used frameworks for identifying and managing biodiversity risks. Many lenders require alignment with IFC PS6, while certification systems often use the HCV framework.

SADC guidelines for mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services in extractive industry

Southern African Development Community guidelines for mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services in the extractives industry.

Hydropower: applying the mitigation hierarchy to manage biodiversity risks

Hydropower: applying the mitigation hierarchy to manage biodiversity risks explores how the mitigation hierarchy can be used to manage the biodiversity challenges and opportunities associated with hydropower projects.


Protected areas and IFC Performance Standard 6

In this Industry briefing note, we examine and interpret what IFC Performance Standard 6 (PS6) demands of development projects in or near protected areas. We also look at the wider context to understand why projects in or near...

Review of ICMM members' biodiversity performance management 2014

A review of progress made amongst ICMM members in managing their biodiversity performance between 2003-2013

Critical Habitat: a concise summary

A summary of Critical Habitat as defined by IFC Performance Standard 6, including what kinds of biodiversity qualify and how to identify whether a project falls in Critical Habitat.