Industry Briefing Notes

Understanding ecosystem services risks and opportunities

TBC's short briefing note - Understanding ecosystem services risks and opportunities - introduces ecosystem services (ES) and explains why they are so important for all involved in development projects. We also share best practice...

The Value of the IUCN Red List for Business Decision-making

A new TBC-authored paper, “The Value of the IUCN Red List for Business Decision-making”, has been published by Conservation Letters. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species provides assessments of extinction risk for over 80,000...

Government policies on biodiversity offsets

A summary of the global rise in government policies on biodiversity offsets, including the resulting risks and opportunities for industry

Marine biodiversity offsets

Biodiversity offsets compensate for the negative impacts of development that remain after full application of the mitigation hierarchy. While offsetting for impacts on a marine habitat shares many characteristics of the approach...

Biodiversity screening

Biodiversity screening forms an integral part of project due diligence. Early screening can save time and resources later, enabling avoidance of the most serious risks and efficiently focusing impact assessments.


Hydropower: applying the mitigation hierarchy to manage biodiversity risks

Hydropower: applying the mitigation hierarchy to manage biodiversity risks explores how the mitigation hierarchy can be used to manage the biodiversity challenges and opportunities associated with hydropower projects.


Protected areas and IFC Performance Standard 6

In this Industry briefing note, we examine and interpret what IFC Performance Standard 6 (PS6) demands of development projects in or near protected areas. We also look at the wider context to understand why projects in or near...

IUCN's World Conservation Congress 2016: what the decisions mean for business

Endorsed by both governments and civil society, IUCN World Congress decisions likely reflect future trends for biodiversity conservation in regulation and safeguards, and in societal expectations. Our new Industry Briefing Note...

IUCN decisions tighten 'no go' for protected areas and other important sites for biodiversity

In this short briefing we analyse and interpret what IUCN's decisions on 'no go', made at the World Conservation Congress in 2016, means for business.

At the World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i this September, IUCN members...

Indirect impacts on biodiversity from industry

A summary explaining indirect impacts, their risks and opportunities to industry, and their management.

Globally and nationally important sites as biodiversity offset opportunities

A summary explaining Key Biodiversity Areas and their potential, alongside other globally or nationally recognised sites, as offset sites.